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RareMed Expands Concierge Patient Support Services to Complex Conditions

Today’s guest post comes from Justin Smerker, VP of Business Development at RareMed Solutions.

Justin introduces us to RareMed Solutions, a patient service provider that caters to patients with complex and rare diseases.

To learn about RareMed and their approach to the delivery of patient services for complex or rare conditions, visit or email

Read on for Justin’s insights.

RareMed Expands Concierge Patient Support Services to Complex Conditions
By Justin Smerker, VP, Business Development, RareMed Solutions.

RareMed was founded by proven entrepreneurs holding extensive specialty pharmacy and patient services experience. The firm is the culmination of over one-hundred years of combined specialty pharmacy practice, and decades of experience in complex and rare pharmacy.

The launch of RareMed’s first independent patient services program in 2018 catalyzed RareMed’s controlled, focused growth. Since then, RareMed has carefully added numerous complex and rare programs, defined standards for rare patient services, published multiple white papers, developed a wholly-owned, internally managed proprietary patient care management software platform, expanded physical office locations, and received a myriad of accolades. Such recognitions span innovation, thought leadership, Pittsburgh’s #1 extra-large employer in employee satisfaction, and most importantly, independent third-party confirmation of the elevated quality of care provided to patients.


While rare conditions are often associated with delayed or misdiagnosis, lack of treatment options, and high healthcare costs, complex conditions inherently present their own challenges. Such challenges may include coordination of patient care across specialties, obstacles in obtaining access to treatment, and quality of life, psychological, and emotional impacts on patients and caregivers.

RareMed was created to address and exceed contemporary market expectations for a patient services provider focused on both rare and complex condition programs. Whether a patient is diagnosed with a rare or complex condition, the healthcare ecosystem presents an abundance of complexity. RareMed works hand in hand with life sciences organizations to simplify the complex, putting lifesaving, breakthrough medications in patients’ hands as quickly as possible and maximizing adherence.

RareMed has fulfilled a market need by providing a unique “rare approach” to complex therapy populations. With an unparalleled depth of experience in complex diseases and the highest caliber associates, RareMed functions as an “outsourced internal patient services HUB” for life sciences organizations. The efficacy of RareMed’s concierge patient services has been demonstrated through multiple complex program launches and transitions where RareMed has delivered superior patient, healthcare provider, and pharma partner experiences. Utilizing dedicated RareSupport® Teams and coupling product focus and in-depth, tailored training with a proprietary patient care management platform—RarePath®, RareMed delivers improved stakeholder experiences and ultimately elevates brand value.

RareMed’s rare market approach and organizational expertise has positively impacted multiple key performance indicators in recent hub transitions including a reduction in prescription transfers across a specialty pharmacy network by 76%, elimination of 12% of patient duplicate records, reductions in time to initiation of therapy, and improvements in the quality, visibility, and timeliness of data. RareMed has also delivered increases of >15% in post-transition enrollment conversion rates and >12% in overall HUB direct referral volume.

The RarePath technology suite has also demonstrated flexibility and scalability for rare and complex products with patient populations from the hundreds to the millions. Pharma partners have leveraged RareMed’s in-house, full-stack development team to customize their RarePath platform for unique patient population and product profiles, optimizing patient service delivery and providing complete data transparency.

Moreover, quarterly business reviews are streamlined and focused on proactive suggestions for each partner, driven by high-quality, empirical data. RareMed’s commitments to ongoing program iteration, collaboration, and continuous service quality enhancement—for both patients and life sciences companies—are vital parts of what makes RareMed a unique, highly sought after patient services organization.

RareMed’s exceptional performance providing high quality patient services for some of the most complex patient populations and products has been noticed by life sciences companies with a need for scaled services, but a desire to remain concierge, customized, and capable.


RareMed’s recently announced headquarters expansion reflects its commitment to controlled growth, ability to recruit and retain talented associates for each patient services program, and focus on collaboration with life sciences partners through on-site meetings. Its advantageous proximity to international air cargo facilities is instrumental in allowing RareMed’s RareMed Direct® pharmacy to offer rapid overnight product distribution nationwide.

While RareMed’s focus has expanded to complex conditions requiring a level of concierge service similar to that of rare conditions, its mission remains clear: RareMed catalyzes access to life-transforming therapies for complex conditions. RareMed’s leadership team and dedicated associates are committed to providing a rare approach to the delivery of patient services and setting elevated expectations for patients and partners.

People living with complex and rare conditions deserve understanding, empathy, and support. RareMed assists them and their care teams as each navigates an individualized treatment journey. In doing so, RareMed fulfills its mission and allows life sciences partners to fulfill theirs. Working alongside life sciences organizations, RareMed stands poised to continue offering and elevating concierge patient services to more people living with complex conditions.

If you represent a life sciences company that would like to learn more about RareMed and its rare approach to the delivery of patient services for complex or rare conditions, please visit or email

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