Monday, November 13, 2017

Specialty Pharmacy’s New Frontier: How to Deliver and Document Therapy Outcomes

Specialty Pharmacy’s New Frontier: How to Deliver and Document Therapy Outcomes
A free webinar hosted by Therigy
Wednesday, December 13, 1pm-2pm EST
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Therigy is pleased to announce a free webinar exploring therapy outcomes on Wednesday, December 13, 1pm-2pm EST.

Therigy’s speakers will present background data and published insights to support the premise that specialty pharmacy services need further differentiation. The speakers will analyze the crucial roles of both predictive analytics and specialty pharmacy services in the actual delivery and documentation of patient outcomes.

Featured speakers include:
  • Jon Hamrick, MBA, Chief Strategy Officer, Therigy
  • Sheena Babin, Pharm D, Manager, Clinical Services and Business Development, Ochsner Specialty Pharmacy
  • Brian Smith, Pharm D, Vice President, Clinical Services and Quality, Shields Healthcare Solutions
Featured topics include:
  • Historical Specialty Pharmacy Activities and Impact on Adherence
    • The role of specialty pharmacy in Outcomes
    • Differentiating specialty pharmacy services
  • The Evolution of Specialty Pharmacy Services
  • Two case studies
    • Lipid Identification and the Diabetic Patient
    • Specialty Pharmacy’s Role in Disease Activity in Rheumatoid Arthritis
Case studies will provide examples of specialty pharmacy services which go beyond basic patient onboarding, adherence support and reporting to the next level of identifying at-risk patients. The case studies will identify opportunities for specialty pharmacies to actively impact patient outcomes.

Visit Therigy’s registration page for additional information and to register.

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