Thursday, November 14, 2013

Walmart's TV Ad Pitches Preferred Networks

While is failing, the Medicare Part D open enrollment period is going strong.

Regular readers know that Preferred pharmacy networks are kind of a big deal among 2014 Medicare Part D prescription drug plans (PDPs). You also know that Walmart is the biggest deal in these preferred networks.

In the TV commercial below, see how Walmart explains a preferred network's appeal, in just 30 seconds. Narrow networks are teaching consumers to shop for prescriptions by price. View the lesson below.

Click here if you can't see the video below. If you're still confused about Walmart's strategy, read Wal-Mart Explains Its Healthcare Strategy.

P.S. Hat tip to loyal reader Blake Toney, PharmD/MBA Candidate at Ohio State University.


  1. You just have to love competition!

  2. Wally world kills the pharmacy profession again. How is this fair to the small business owner?

  3. According to informed sources, they find your lack of faith disturbing. ;)

  4. The simplicity of the ad is neat, even if this is such a contentious issue. Thanks for sharing!