Friday, November 02, 2012

Predictive Acquisition Cost Bulletin: Retail Pharmacy Benefits

Here's some updated info on Predictive Acquisition Cost (PAC), the new drug pricing measure developed by Glass Box Analytics and distributed by Elsevier/Gold Standard. Elsevier/Gold Standard is a Drug Channels sponsor.

In addition the PAC price benchmark, Elsevier/Gold Standard is also publishing new data on the minimum and maximum PAC for a particular drug. Check out the recent PAC bulletin for details.

Anyone interested in pharmacy reimbursement and economics should also download their white paper: Drug Price Types and Options For A Future Standard. (Free with registration.)


Predictive Acquisition Cost (PAC): The industry’s best performing drug price type

As previously highlighted on Drug Channels, the new drug price type, PAC, estimates true acquisition cost using various industry inputs, much like a FICA credit score is calculated in the finance industry. This is an entirely new approach for drug pricing.

Another thing that is different about PAC is that it accounts for any degree of uncertainty by providing the regular PAC plus a PAClow and a PAChigh. These establish a range within which there is a high degree of confidence that true acquisition cost lies.

This can be a great tool for retail pharmacies to spot opportunities to create more balanced MAC pricing. The PAClow and PAChigh can translate into a desirable MAC range and identify any drug groups that lie outside that range.

Anyone who is interested can see some analysis that the PAC developers provide in a recent PAC Bulletin by clicking here.

You can also download and read PAC's white paper: Drug Price Types and Options For A Future Standard

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