Friday, October 02, 2009

CVS Gets Ahead of Walgreens...with Chia Obama!

CVS Caremark (NYSE:CVS) has made a bold strategic move that puts it head and shoulders above rival Walgreen (NYSE:WAG) in the all-important Presidential Decorative Planter Category (PDPC).

Yes, you guessed right. CVS stores will soon begin stocking the Obama Chia.

This is not a joke. See the video below.

Walgreen pulled the Obama Chia from its stores back in April. Fortunately, CVS will fill the gaping hole in our nation’s soul and do a test run at CVS stores in Chicago, Tampa and San Francisco.

Check out the ad:

This is not a political endorsement or a comment on health care reform. If Chia Obama is not your cup of sod, you can always purchase Chia George Washington or Chia Abraham Lincoln instead

And if you don’t like a Chia POTUS, then you can always purchase my new report. (Sorry, I couldn’t resist.)

P.S. Special thanks to Tina P. at Boehringer Ingelheim for letting me know about this very important story.


  1. Brilliant move by CVS.

  2. CVS is supporting the new Green economy!

  3. I hope this move by CVS was covered in your 2009 report!

  4. bet you didn't see that coming in your new report

  5. Alas, I did indeed neglect to incorporate chia-nomics into my competitive analysis. Maybe in 2010!



  6. Bet you can get 90 cheaper by mail!

  7. This Tina P seems to have quite the nose for sniffing out the most impactful issues facing Pharma channels. Maybe you should bring her in as a roving junior reporter!