Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Best Of

There are almost 400 posts on Drug Channels. New readers often ask me for a list of the "best" ones.

Here is my periodically updated selections.
Unfortunately, some of my best posts were very timely and/or humorous analyses of news events, which means those posts now sound quite dated and sort of lame.

I am listing the best posts for answering the top questions that people ask me. As far as I know, these posts are still valid although some of the information may have been superseded by new developments.

I wrote the U.S. Pharmacy Industry: Economic Report and Outlook to provide an integrated analysis of these (and other) questions. You should check it out for more details.

Who are the biggest pharmacies?

How much money do pharmacies make?

Who does (and will) pay for prescription drugs in the U.S.?What are the economics of mail-order pharmacy?
What is Wal-Mart's strategy in the pharmacy industry?
What's going on with Average Wholesaler Price and First Databank?

What is the controversy about CVS Caremark's Maintenance Choice program?

Please let me know if I missed one your favorites.


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