Friday, October 03, 2008

Why California (Still) Matters - my podcast!

Paul Thomas from Pharmaceutical Manufacturing interviewed me in early September about pedigree and serialization. You can now listen to a 13 minute excerpt in the optimistically named podcast Why California (Still) Matters.

It provides a quick overview of key issues regarding supply chain security, compliance costs, state versus federal legislation, and data ownership issues.

Be forewarned -- you will hear “serious Adam,” i.e., no goofy Terminator or Spinal Tap jokes. As compensation, read about how California doesn't want anything else in their state going to 11 in this hilarious letter to the DMV -- pay attention to legal Exhibit 1. (Thanks to Will Murchison at NACDS for pointing me to this important story!)

My podcast is included in PM’s latest e-newsletter, which has many interesting stories including a recent webcast with Virginia Herold from the California Board of Pharmacy. Good stuff.

Still can’t get enough? Then check out the latest Health Wonk Review, the latest collection of punditry from around the web.


  1. Serious Adam is better than no Adam at all!

    But seriously -- good podcast -- very informative in a short amount of time.

  2. Adam,

    Thanks for posting our interview--definitely an 11!