Friday, April 15, 2016

Nominate a Pharma Hero

Today’s guest post comes from Patrick Lindsay, President of United BioSource Corp. (UBC).

Patrick is using this guest post to inform Drug Channels readers about UBC’s Pharma Heroes℠ program. This program recognizes and honors people who go above and beyond the call of duty in whatever they do that either directly or indirectly impacts patients’ lives.

Read on for the full story—and take a moment to nominate a Pharma Hero today!

By Patrick Lindsay, President, United BioSource Corp. (UBC)

Hero is a big word. The image it brings to mind is someone who saves the day or stands up for what is right. The bar is set pretty high for what makes a hero today.

We think the pharma industry is full of heroes. They don’t walk around wearing capes or rappel down the face of a skyscraper to take out the bad guy, but believe me, you know one when you see one.

And we want more people to see them, too.

Pharma Heroes℠ is designed to shine a light on the heroes who walk among us, those who discover, develop, and deliver life-saving medicine. The heroes in our industry are humble leaders who wake up every day focused on what they can do to help people live better lives. They don’t seek the spotlight, but they deserve it.

At UBC, we’re fortunate to work with many of you and your companies. Whether it is designing and managing a postmarketing study, overseeing global pharmacovigilance, or helping patients gain access to a much-needed therapy, we get a chance to see heroic work taking place every day.

You probably know a Pharma Hero. In fact, chances are pretty good that you may be a Pharma Hero.

We’re looking for people who embody the spirit of going above and beyond for patients no matter what role they play in their organization. It could be someone who leads the marketing efforts for a new product coming to market or someone working long hours to keep a Patient Assistance Program running. Maybe it’s someone with a laser focus on the endpoints of a clinical trial who inspires colleagues to take the same view. A Pharma Hero could also be someone who dedicates time to speaking events in order educate others and strengthen the industry’s collective knowledge base.

We need your help. Visit to nominate a Pharma Hero you know. For each submission, we’ll notify your chosen Pharma Hero and provide them with a plaque so others will know how they’re making the world a healthier place. We’ll also donate $25 to a charity that helps the patients our industry serves every day.

Together, we can celebrate these incredible individuals and the everyday good in this great industry. Join the Pharma Heroes movement today by telling us about the heroes you know – we’ll do the rest.

Patrick Lindsay is president of United BioSource Corp. (UBC), a leading provider of comprehensive pharmaceutical services, including late stage and postapproval research, safety, and patient access services.

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