Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The Top 50 Retail Pharmacies, according to Drug Store News

Drug Store News (DSN) just released it latest list of the top pharmacy retailers in the regally-titled PoweRx Players: Profiles of the Kings of Retail Pharmacy. (free download)

I highly recommend the PoweRx list to anyone who competes with, sell to, or interacts with retail pharmacies. This useful resource provides brief profiles of the top 50 companies. These range from Walgreens (#1, with $45.3 billion in prescription sales) to Ritzman Pharmacy (#50, with $57 million in prescription sales). Put another way, the largest chain drugstore dispenses nearly 800 times as much as the 50th largest drugstore.

DSN's top 20 largest pharmacies are shown below. I explain why the DSN list differs from our 2012 Market Share of Top Pharmacies.

Regardless of how you count, it’s good to be the king.

Here are the largest 20 retail pharmacies, as measured by Drug Store News. See the original article for the footnotes.

In the Drug Channels Institute’s (DCI) 2012–13 Economic Report on Retail, Mail, and Specialty Pharmacies, Exhibit 7 is Largest U.S. Pharmacies Ranked by Total Prescription Revenues, 2012.

Key differences:
  • The DCI list includes mail pharmacies.
  • The DCI figures are based on calendar year data, which do not always correspond to the fiscal year data provided in the DSN list.
  • The DSN list includes such wholesaler marketing/franchise groups as Good Neighbor Pharmacy, Health Mart, and Medicine Shoppe. The DCI report includes these organizations in Exhibit 53 (Pharmacy Franchise and Marketing Programs of Large Drug Wholesalers).
  • The DCI list excludes non-outpatient drug revenue from Walgreens figures.
  • The DCI combines Walmart and Sam’s Club, while DSN lists them separately.
  • DCI relies on the DSN list for the regional drugstore chain data in Exhibit 10 (Top 10 Regional Chain Drugstores, by Total Prescription Revenues, 2011).
Hat tip to Count de Monet for his help with this article.


  1. Thanks very much for the "shout out" -- if you say our report is worth reading we must have done something right!
    Rob Eder
    DSN Group

    PS: thanks for not referring to it as the "piss boy" rankings.

  2. Thanks, Rob. I always appreciate DSN's annual list of these 75...Oy! 50, these 50 top pharmacies ;)