Tuesday, January 22, 2013

NEW: 2012-13 Economic Report on Retail, Mail, and Specialty Pharmacies

I am pleased to announce the availability of our new report: The 2012-13 Economic Report on Retail, Mail, and Specialty Pharmacies. We’re offering special discounts if you order before February 5, 2013.

If you like Drug Channels, then you'll love this report! The completely updated, revised, and expanded report thoroughly dissects the pharmacy channel and its interactions with consumers, PBMs, payers, wholesalers, government agencies, and more. The 2012-13 edition also dives deeply into such future trends as healthcare reform, specialty at retail, 340B, and much more.

I worked hard to make the report into an essential tool for pharmaceutical manufacturers, wholesalers, pharmacists, pharmacy owners, benefit managers, managed care executives, healthcare policy analysts, investors—anyone who wants to understand and benefit from this ever-evolving healthcare sector. Whether you're a newbie or a grizzled veteran, the 2012-13 Economic Report on Retail, Mail, and Specialty Pharmacies will help you and your team build deep business acumen about U.S. dispensing channels.

Read on for more details, or download your very own copy today. Enjoy!

In addition to updating all data and information from previous editions, the 2012-13 report includes such other new elements as:
  • Additional quantitative comparisons of alternative dispensing formats
  • New content on regional market share and smaller drugstore chains
  • Expanded analysis of specialty pharmacies
  • More comprehensive discussion of Pharmacy Benefit Manager (PBM) services
  • Gross profit estimates for the most widely dispensed prescriptions
  • Analyses of newly public government pricing data
  • New information on pharmacies' growing role in the 340B discount program
The report has 82 data-packed exhibits (20 more than last year's report) and 220 endnotes, most of which include hyperlinks to original source materials. Excessive? Perhaps. But what could be more fun?

You can see the breadth and depth of content by reviewing the following items:
If you have any questions (before or after reading the report), please feel free to email me.


  1. Any chance of getting a glimpse at the 2012 market share data from your report?  Would you post the tables on the blog?