Monday, August 20, 2012

Join me at the Revitas Industry Summit: Life Sciences

I want to let you know about the Revitas Industry Summit: Life Sciences, which will held at the Four Seasons Hotel in beautiful Philadelphia, PA, on October 2-3, 2012.

I will be delivering the keynote address, on the politics and economics of pharmaceutical commerce today. I will also moderate an expert panel of executives from branded and generic pharmaceutical manufacturers. We'll be discussing the forces of change in the life sciences business. Should be fun!

Check out the official event details below. The Summit will feature an engaging mix of thought leadership and hands-on best practice sessions. You certainly should attend if your job involves anything related to contract management, pricing execution and management, or compliance automation.

Hope to see you there!


Navigating the age of the Affordable Care Act at the Revitas Industry Summit: Life Sciences

As you know, pharmaceutical and life sciences companies operate in one of the world’s most complex and highly regulated industries. And with the recent ruling from the Supreme Court affirming the Affordable Care Act, life sciences companies are seeking the best solutions to effectively achieve, maintain, and prove government compliance while protecting revenue and preserving competitive edge.

Whether you’re disappointed or relieved by the Supreme Court’s decision, one thing is certain: the air of uncertainty around ACA has been lifted. Now, companies can solidify their processes around the many challenges they have faced since the introduction of ACA.

So, what does it all mean? For life sciences companies, keeping up the balancing act between safeguarding revenue against revenue leakage and maintaining compliance with strict government regulations can be a challenge. In the age of the Affordable Care Act, effective contract, pricing, and compliance management are critical to success.

Enterprise Revenue Dynamics (ERD) integrates contract management with revenue management and compliance. ERD includes automated contract creation and execution, tools for handling multi-tier pricing incentives and complex revenue structures, compliance solutions to meet commercial, financial, and industry regulations, and analytics to report on past performance and model future success. For pharmaceutical manufacturers with complex supply chains and incentive structures, ERD optimizes contract lifecycle performance to position them with a strategic advantage in their industry.

This fall, Revitas is hosting the Revitas Industry Summit: Life Sciences to bring together industry thought leaders, executives, and professionals to discuss industry best practices, the usefulness and effectiveness of ERD, and learn hands-on about products that can revolutionize contract, pricing, and compliance strategies within organizations.

The event will feature Drug Channel’s own Adam Fein as the keynote on the first day. We will also welcome Dale Hagermeyer of Gartner as the second day’s keynote speaker. Expect lively discussions around politics, economics, and other factors affecting the continually transforming and evolving life sciences industry.

A mix of thought leadership tracks, best practice sessions, and hands-on labs, the events is designed to help attendees to improve enterprise operations in order to achieve bottom-line results while maintaining industry compliance. We will also host Product Councils, which give attendees and opportunity to share use cases, feedback, and thought leadership on key industry issues.

To learn more about the Revitas Industry Summit: Life Sciences happening October 2-3 in Philadelphia, view the event schedule, and to register, please visit

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