Monday, October 18, 2010

Meet me at the NCPA Convention

I will be attending the Annual NCPA Convention and Trade Exposition next week right in here in my hometown of Philadelphia. Yes, that's me and the iconic LOVE statue, which is one block from my office.

Send me an email if you’d like to arrange a one-on-one meeting during NCPA. If you run into me at the convention, please introduce yourself and let me know what you think of Drug Channels.

While you're in Philadelphia, please skip the cheese steak and instead try one of our many outstanding restaurants. Philadelphia magazine's Top 50 List is a good place to start. My personal favorites include James (#3), Osteria (#4), Morimoto (#13), Barclay Prime (#17), and Fork (#30). All are unpretentious, locally owned, and have great food.

If you want a break, grab lunch at the Reading Terminal Market just across the street from the convention center. Look for the banner near the Flying Monkey bakery with a picture of my wife!


  1. I'll still go for the cheese steak fries from Chickie & Pete's!

  2. Come on Adam, why the "locally owned" plug. We all know the prices are lower at the chain sites.

    Personally, I'll look for the local Denny's.

  3. Adam,

    Gee Adam, the way you consistently bash Independent pharmacy and now you want to be "our" friend. You will plug the "locally owned" restaurants but with "locally " owned pharmacies- well that is a different story !!

    Let's hope you do take the time meet some of the
    "local" folks.

  4. OK, let me clarify.

    I am repeatedly asked by readers (in surveys and emails) to let them know when I will be at a conference.

    So, I'm simply letting you know that I will be attending the NCPA convention. I have made similar announcements about my 2010 attendance at meetings of HDMA, NACDS, and PCMA. There is no other agenda because I do not consult for pharmacies.

    Have fun in Philly!