Thursday, January 28, 2010

My Macroeconomic Outlook for 2010

And now for something completely different.

You can download my new free report called the 2010 Economic Outlook For Wholesale Distributors, courtesy of IBM. You will have register on the IBM site to download the report.

Fair warning: This report is not about the pharmaceutical industry or about drug wholesalers. In this report, I explain today's macroeconomic dynamics and provide forecasts for major distribution sectors. I also examine employment, channel inventory levels, consumer spending, and the outlook for markets such as construction and industrial manufacturing.

Allow me to explain...

Since this report is a departure from my normal Drug Channels output, a little background is required so you know what’s up.

When I started Pembroke Consulting in 1997, I worked on channel strategy issues in multiple sectors. But I’ve always been most interested the pharmaceutical industry’s channels. I even went so far as to publish an academic peer-reviewed paper in 1998 on the evolution of the drug wholesaling industry. Read The Shakeout in Pharmaceutical Wholesaling if you are simultaneously curious about the industry's history and have a high threshold for jargon.

Today, all of my consulting clients are in the pharmaceutical and health care industries, although I do not consult with wholesalers of pharmaceuticals or health-care products to avoid any conflicts of interest. I dabble in general macroeconomic channel issues via sponsored research projects and published reports.

I like to think that the broader background helps inform my analysis and understanding. Then again, I also think that reading Entertainment Weekly makes this a better blog.

Anyway, hope you enjoy the report. I’ll be back to blogging about pharmacy economics and the pharmaceutical supply chain in my next post.


  1. Adam,
    I actually read your entire paper on the drug wholesale industry.

    Wow! Actually some pretty interesting stuff.

    You probably could work as a professor for some college of pharmacy and teach the evolution of the wholesale drug industry. Or wait, here's a couple other topics:

    1. The rise and fall of the independent druggist.

    2. Niche marketing and margin growth. How the two go hand in hand.

    3. PBM's and the world of.....

    Wait. I'll stop there.

    Seriously, you'd make a good professor.

  2. I will second the comment above. First part was slow going but fascinating analysis of the industry. I'll take your course anytime!