Friday, November 20, 2009

A New Opportunity to Reach the Drug Channels Audience

Many people ask me about the readership of Drug Channels. This post shares new details about the companies visiting Drug Channels along with traffic statistics since March 2007.

I am also announcing the availability of two sponsorship opportunities for companies interested in connecting with the Drug Channels community. The number of sponsors will be limited to two companies at any one time and will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis. I include some high-level details below, but drop me a line to discuss the opportunity.

Regular readers shouldn’t fret—I won’t compromise the content for sponsorship.

Who Reads Drug Channels?

Based on domain names from our web traffic logs, the blog is widely read by people at companies throughout the healthcare industry, including:
  • Pharmaceutical manufacturers (especially in supply chain, trade relations, and commercial operations functions)
  • Pharmacy benefit managers
  • Pharmaceutical wholesalers
  • Pharmacies (all types)
  • Health care providers
  • Government agencies
  • Large employers
  • Law firms
  • Institutional Investors
Click here to see a list of domain names that visited Drug Channels. As you can see, it's a Who's Who of the industry.

Don’t worry—I can’t see the names of any individual readers, just the organization name assigned to your computer network.

How many people read Drug Channels?

Here is a chart of monthly page loads (views) and unique visitors of Drug Channels since I first started collecting data (March 2007). Click the chart to enlarge it.

As you can see, traffic has grown tenfold over the past few years. During the past two months, Drug Channels have averaged more than 22,000 page views and almost 14,000 unique visits. Although I generally post only 2 or 3 times per week, Drug Channels traffic is comparable to some leading trade publications.

Note that the big dips in the chart correspond to my July and August blogcations, although page view remained above 10,000 because traffic continued to come to the blog from search engines.

I am now making real-time traffic statistics for Drug Channels available. You can view these stats anytime by clicking on the Statcounter logo at the bottom of the right hand sidebar. These summary stats do NOT include domain names.

Sponsorship Opportunities

I am offering a maximum of two sponsorship slots. Sponsorship offers a unique opportunity to reach an engaged audience of professionals from around the industry.

Here’s my current idea, although I’m open to any other suggestions. Drug Channels sponsors will get:
  • Premier placement of a banner ad at the top of a Drug Channels sidebar, i.e., above the fold. This ad can link anywhere—your company’s main home page, a special campaign, whatever. The ad will appear with every post and will not be blockable by a browser add-in.
  • A “Sponsor Welcome” blog post
  • The ability to request a specific blog topic
  • Permission to reproduce blog posts (with full citation and URL) during the sponsorship period
Naturally, I will retain editorial control to maintain the integrity of the content.

Email me to discuss this opportunity or if you have any questions.


  1. Adam, I assure you there are more companies, way more, than those listed. I know of many execs that read your postings from home networks, especially those that have "blocks" at work on internet use. This also does not include the people that read from home offices. Can't wait to see who signs up!

  2. Adam,
    I can understand the huge value to potential sponsors for your offer, and I think your plan is very reasonable and would be unobtrusive to readers, but did you have to offer the ability to request a specific blog topic? I think the right sponsors should just be happy to have their names on the same page as your content without needing to control your focus, even once, and even though you would retain editorial control.

  3. Dirk,

    If I start extolling the virtues of online pharmacies based in the mountains of Kabul, then you'll know that I've gone too far.


  4. Congratulations on your progress! Your timing is perfect to celebrate with a glass of long awaited Knob Creek!

  5. Adam,

    Really, Haliburton too?

    And truly, I believe the last thing we need is more clutter. We're looking to get new information in a quick and easy to read format....such as yours. (And your style is great).

    It actually would be quite interesting to see what OTHER blogs/sites your readers are checking out as well.

    Thanks Adam.

  6. Hmmm! ..and all along I thought you were fully sponsored by PhRMA and PCMA.