Friday, September 05, 2008

I Read the News Today

A number of readers have asked me to highlight interesting articles that I come across but don’t have time to comment on. Let me know what you think about this type of post. Perhaps I’ll make it a regular feature of the blog.

Pharmacists prefer McCain to Obama (Drug Topics) – Based on a July/August (pre-convention) survey of 903 pharmacists: 55% of pharmacists prefer McCain vs. 35% for Obama. In contrast, the pharmaceutical/health industry has given 2.5X more to Obama than to McCain. (Source: OpenSecrets.)

Wal-Mart, Your Friendly Drugstore (Business Week) – As I have been suggesting for more than two years on the blog, Wal-Mart (WMT) will radically reshape the pharmacy industry. (See Walgreens’ $4.33 Surrender to Wal-Mart for background.) Health and wellness products (including pharmacy sales) made up 9% of Wal-Mart's overall $374.5 billion in revenues in the 12 months ended Jan. 31, 2008. The article summarizes Wal-Mart’s aggressive ambitions and would make a great conversation starter at your next management get-together.

Cardinal forging deal with DEA (Columbus Dispatch) – Cardinal Health’s (CAH) ongoing struggles with diversion by its pharmacy customers are finally ending. (See Cardinal Apologizes for background.) On the company’s August 7 earnings call, CEO George Barrett estimated that the DEA issues resulted in about $1 billion (!) in lost sales, which I estimate were lost primarily from independent pharmacy customers.

Tightening the Chain (Pharmaceutical Executive) – Here's a quick update on mass serialization efforts in Europe as a follow-up to Tuesday’s post. Sorry, RFID-lovers -- the technology of choice looks like it will be 2-D bar codes.

Health Wonk Review -- Check out the latest edition of this bi-weekly review of health policy blogging from around the web, hosted this time by InsureBlog.


Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go figure out how many holes it takes to fill the Albert Hall (pictured above). Oh boy.


  1. Adam: Good stuff. I'd like a weekly update from you on the most important articles.

  2. Great! Please include these. All very salient.

  3. This is very useful. I have been limiting my reading to Technology in Pharmacy but your site always leaves me with some thing new about the big picture on the industry.

  4. Put me down as another "yes" vote. Like the previous comment said, I also find your articles to be thought provoking. I can't think of another source that covers the same mix of topics in the industry.

  5. Adam: Some questions rarely asked..
    1.Who's IP is being stolen? 2. Who will be blamed for rising costs associated with implementation of "high tech solutions"? 3. Where are breakdowns in supply chain occurring and does T&T close those gaps?

    Jam on Spinal Tap, concert isn't over but going Global! or maybe Moody Blues had it right "but who decides which is right, or which is an illusion"