Friday, September 28, 2007

Tidbits from September

As always, I’ll close out the month with a few tidbits that didn’t merit a full post in September.

Please keep emailing me your story ideas and links. I don’t have time to cover every topic that I receive, but I respond to anyone who takes the trouble to send me something.

1) Supply Chain Ethics
In case you missed it, I was recently quoted in the Wall Street Journal’s In the Lead column regarding supply chain ethics. See Recent News Events Should Have Executives Reviewing Priorities. My main comment: “Supply-chain management has moved from the back room to the board room and become an ethical issue.” My point: How much do you know about what your distributors or resellers are doing with your products? Johnson & Johnson did not, as I noted last month. (BTW, my kids love to see me in the paper, but to be honest I think a guest spot on Hannah Montana would impress my tween daughter more -- the best of both worlds!)

2) Blog Kudos from a Pharmacist
I was very gratified to read this review of Drug Channels in the 9-21 issue of Illinois Pharmacists Association e-newsletter: “One of the more interesting blogs I have run across. It is a thoughtful examination of the drug delivery system in the country and how Pharmacists are reacting to AMP and Medicare and the viability of Pharmacy. It is not always a comforting examination (from the Pharmacist’s viewpoint, anyway), but it is thoughtful and in a lot of ways hard to argue with. He is worth reading and perhaps arguing with as he will take comments from all. Worth a look.” Thanks!

3) Raise a Glass to the Beer Hunter
Beer and scotch guru Michael Jackson (a.k.a The Beer Hunter) recently passed away. I had the privilege of meeting Mr. Jackson in May, discussing a memorable bottle of scotch with him (The Macallan Gran Reserva from 1982), and getting him to sign my copy of Complete Guide to Single Malt Scotch. Please join me in the national toast to Mr. Jackson this Sunday at 9 PM EST in honor of his unique legacy.

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