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Repairing the Patient Journey: How Pharma Can Fix the Obvious–and Not So Obvious–Breaking Points of Nonadherence

Today’s guest post comes from Maria Kirsch, President, Patient Services, Krista Pinto, President, Deployment Solutions, and Mike Scott, Senior Vice President, Specialty Consulting at EVERSANA.

Maria, Krista, and Mike discuss the key reasons why patients abandon drug therapy. They then describe EVERSANA’s approach for helping manufacturers and healthcare providers improve adherence and health outcomes.

Learn more about EVERSANA’s solutions from this complimentary whitepaper: Repairing the Patient Journey: How Pharma Can Fix the Obvious–and Not So Obvious–Breaking Points of Nonadherence.

Read on for the authors’ insights.

Repairing the Patient Journey: How Pharma Can Fix the Obvious–and Not So Obvious–Breaking Points of Nonadherence
By Maria Kirsch, Krista Pinto, and Mike Scott, EVERSANA

Healthcare journeys are as unique as the individuals who experience them. Age, gender, race, education level, pre-existing conditions, insurance coverage, income, location–these represent only a handful of varying circumstances that can determine why two people with the same diagnosis may have entirely different treatment paths and ultimate outcomes. Many of these variables, among others, also represent common determinants for patients’ adherence, or lack thereof, to prescribed therapies.

Patient adherence is a critical factor in achieving positive health outcomes, yet it remains a significant challenge in the healthcare industry. Up to 50% of treatment failures can be attributed to nonadherence, resulting in 25% of hospitalizations and approximately 125,000 deaths annually in the United States, costing an estimated $100-300 billion in avoidable healthcare expenses each year. (Source: Medication Adherence: The Elephant in the Room)

Tackling this issue requires a nuanced understanding of the diverse causes contributing to the problem and how to address them.
As industry experts at EVERSANA, we have led the way in developing and deploying pioneering solutions to address leading causes for poor rates of patient adherence. We have worked closely with pharmaceutical manufacturers to strategically combat nonadherence through utilizing innovative solutions and tactics. Here is an overview of our strategic approach and our key takeaways for solving adherence barriers.


Manufacturers have a responsibility to their patients to explore and implement innovative solutions that create a more conducive environment for treatment adherence. This requires going beyond constructing highly functional patient support programs and hubs. From providing educational resources early and often, leveraging advanced technologies, utilizing predictive data and analytics that align with field deployment solutions, and more, there are numerous strategic steps that must be taken to build patients’ trust, establish greater access and affordability, and ultimately enhance rates of adherence to prescribed therapies.


At EVERSANA, we accelerate patients’ time to therapy from months to days by leveraging: In the dynamic landscape of healthcare, patient adherence is the linchpin to achieving optimal health outcomes. It's not merely a challenge to be addressed but an opportunity for manufacturers to redefine their role in patient care. By incorporating patient-centric strategies, manufacturers can comprehensively tackle low patient adherence rates and create a stronger healthcare landscape that produces higher rates of satisfaction and positive health outcomes.

EVERSANA, the industry’s only end-to-end commercialization partner, is leading the way for how manufacturers solve adherence obstacles through a holistic approach that incorporates innovative strategies for patient services, field deployment, data and analytics, and more. Schedule a meeting with EVERSANA’s experts to learn how our integrated solutions improve patient adherence.


EVERSANA’s approach uses strategic tactics and tools that offer manufacturers the ability to serve patients and HCPs in new ways. We work to increase adherence rates through simplifying processes, expanding healthcare access, providing price transparency, identifying and targeting specific patient populations, and much more.
To learn more, download our whitepaper, Repairing the Patient Journey: How Pharma Can Fix the Obvious–and Not So Obvious–Breaking Points of Nonadherence. This whitepaper serves as a roadmap to modify the patient journey by transforming healthcare experiences and addressing obstacles hindering adherence.

The full whitepaper contains useful information covering such topics as:
  • Restoring Trust in Pharma: Addressing the Pandemic Fallout and Beyond
  • How Solving Low Health Literacy Rates Improves Outcomes and Empowers Patients to Take the Reins
  • Expanding Healthcare Access Through Telehealth, Predictive Analytics and Other Patient-Centered Strategies
  • Solving Convoluted and Inaccurate Cost Verification Gaps to Deliver Price Transparency
  • Revolutionizing Patient Access: The Role Channel Management Strategies
  • Adapting Traditional–and Trending–Strategies that Hold the Promise to Transform the Patient Journey

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