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How Direct-to-Consumer Rx Platforms Help Patient Support Programs Succeed

Today’s guest post comes from Josh Bliss, Head of Pharma Solutions at SingleCare.

Josh outlines manufacturers’ challenge when educating and informing patients about patient support programs. He then describes the SingleCare prescription discount card and Pharma Solutions, which provides manufacturers with a platform to reach patients.

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Read on for Josh’s insights.

How Direct-to-Consumer Rx Platforms Help Patient Support Programs Succeed
By Josh Bliss, Head of Pharma Solutions, SingleCare

As pharma marketing teams seek to optimize their advertising budget allocation, it's an opportune time to consider new strategic channels to build program awareness and enhance patient engagement. While pharma has invested heavily in patient support programs (PSPs), a massive opportunity remains to educate consumers and drive greater adoption.

Pharma has increasingly shifted their media mix from linear television to digital mediums. This includes leveraging online resources across the healthcare value chain to market their PSPs. An advertising opportunity that has been generating strong returns for pharma marketers is prescription discount card platforms. With more consumers paying out of pocket for medications in light of the growth of high deductible health plans, discount cards are increasingly becoming ingrained in the U.S. shopper’s pharmacy journey.

The prescription discount card market has grown 60% over the past five years alone, and it is expected to triple by 2027. These free services are not only delivering consumers savings up to 80% on thousands of drugs, they also present a unique opportunity to engage prescription filling patients in a highly relevant, contextual way.

Earlier this year, SingleCare announced the launch of its Pharma Solutions, bringing pharma brands and their agencies access to advertise support programs directly to SingleCare’s millions of high intent, bottom of the funnel customers. Already benefiting a number of pharma partners, SingleCare is fertile ground to reach new patients, as nearly half of SingleCare visitors land on branded drug pages. Additionally, the vast majority of SingleCare users are ready to purchase with a prescription in hand, right at the pharmacy counter.


SingleCare can expand pharma’s engagement directly with prescription-filling customers, and our dedicated team offers custom advertising solutions and a white-glove sales experience that sustains long after the ink has dried. As a platform that provides contextual advertising opportunities through its thousands of drug information pages, SingleCare Pharma Solutions is an exciting new growth engine to enable pharma to drive awareness of patient support and enhance access and adherence to their products. Additionally, as a trusted resource for millions of consumers, SingleCare is committed to preserving patient privacy by adhering to the highest industry standards.


SingleCare is the country’s fastest growing prescription discount card by virtue of four primary factors: direct contract relationships with the nation’s largest pharmacies including CVS Pharmacy, Walgreens, Walmart, Kroger, Albertsons, Meijer and Publix; it’s own proprietary technology for pharmacy benefits powering the service on the back end; a pricing team of consumer technologists with experience from Amazon, Google, and TripAdvisor that built a model leveraging AI and machine learning to price 95% of its business; and last but not least, RxSense’s executive team, with a century plus of collective experience leading healthcare companies including CVS, UnitedHealth, and Express Scripts. We know how the system works, and how to meet the needs of our healthcare partners.


One third of Americans have skipped a medication due to the high cost and 40% have skipped their refills. Having control of the technology on the back end means SingleCare is able to consistently deliver the lowest prices for its customers. Additionally, our leading Member Savings Program—that’s free for SingleCare users and doesn’t require lofty annual subscription fees—means SingleCare is “sticky,” as consumers continue to come back to benefit from aggregated savings the more they transact through our service.

This makes SingleCare the smart choice for cost-conscious consumers to repeat their fills—and accordingly, the average SingleCare member repeat use rate is approximately 80%. For pharma partners, tapping into this consumer loyalty can translate into long-term patient adherence to their programs. Rather than investing in limited-time promotional discount offerings to consumers, SingleCare remains committed to being the consistent, reliable choice for low prices on the prescriptions people fill most. In fact, according to a recent analysis, when comparing lowest prices across IQVIA’s top 100 most dispensed drugs, SingleCare beat the leading competitor on price 90% of the time.


SingleCare isn’t just winning with consumers who seek consistent prescription savings and free loyalty rewards, SingleCare is also winning the hearts and minds of pharmacists looking for ways to help their patients save and stay adherent to their medications. Five years ago, SingleCare launched its Best of the Best Pharmacy Awards, recognizing the pharmacists, pharmacy techs, and pharmacy teams nationwide that go above and beyond in supporting their communities by keeping their patients healthy. This program helped SingleCare establish itself as an advocate for the essential work pharmacies and their staff provide people nationwide, and a reputation as the brand that pharmacists trust. SingleCare also boasts an extended sales team that's thousands strong, reaching physician offices and pharmacies throughout the U.S. Today, SingleCare is available to use in 35,000 pharmacies nationwide, and its displays are visible in over one million doctor’s offices across the country.


SingleCare is now among the nation’s top prescription savings services for consumers, with nearly 100 million site visits since 2022. It handles hundreds of thousands of scripts per day, and has now saved its customers over $7 billion all time on their meds. The value SingleCare brings its customers is considerable, averaging over $70 savings per script, translating into estimated annual savings of $300 per person and $900 for families.

SingleCare and its parent company, RxSense, have captured the industry’s attention, having won dozens of awards since its founding in 2015, including being named among Fast Company’s Most Innovative Companies and Forbes’ Top Startup Employers, and has been highlighted in news media including The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, The Today Show, Good Morning America, CNN, and USA Today. Unequivocally, SingleCare is the emerging challenger brand in the growing discount card market—and represents a tremendous opportunity for pharma to build consumer awareness, and accelerate access and adherence to their programs.

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