Monday, April 26, 2021

Making Health Policy Work for Patients: How Platform Solutions Enable More Affordable Drugs (Kalderos)

At Kalderos, we use data-driven solutions to deliver unifying technologies to solve problems facing the U.S. healthcare system, so that everyone can focus on the health of patients. We created the world’s first Drug Discount Management platform. This platform uses sophisticated models and machine learning to identify and then resolve noncompliance in drug discount programs.

On April 20, we released Making Health Policy Work for Patients: How Platform Solutions Enable More Affordable Drugs (free download), our first-ever annual report. 

Our 2021 annual report shares our perspective on challenges with discount and rebate programs in the drug channel and reports on our rapid growth as a health tech platform. It explores:
  • How systemic inefficiencies mean patients pay more for drugs
  • Why past drug price interventions have failed the patients who need them most
  • The tech-enabled, data-driven way to fix drug distribution and put patients first
The report also includes never-before-published insights leveraged from Kalderos’ proprietary data, drawing on our tech-enabled solutions for Discount Monitoring in the 340B Drug Pricing Program:
  • Our estimated total amount of duplicate discounts between 340B and Medicaid in 2019 based on our platform gathering more than four years of good-faith inquiry data from covered entities
  • Key metrics describing Kalderos’ growing network of relationships with stakeholder partners and increasing impact in 340B
The 2021 annual report also sets a vision for our company’s future as we continue our trajectory of rapid scaling, with a product roadmap that includes an expansion into data-driven, transparency-minded platform solutions for other drug discount programs.

Download the full report from Kalderos.

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