Friday, March 19, 2021

Reducing Patient Fallout: Transform How They Get and Stay on Medication

Today’s guest post comes from Brian Haenni, Vice President of Hub Solutions at ConnectiveRx.

Brian discusses the benefits of digital patient support services. To learn more about ConnectiveRx’s patient support capabilities, register for their April 14, 2021 webinar, Transforming the Patient Support Experience.

Read on for Brian’s insights.

Reducing Patient Fallout: Transform How They Get and Stay on Medication
By Brian Haenni, Vice President Hub Solutions, ConnectiveRx

Traditional patient support services have been proven to help patients start and stay on specialty therapies. Yet far too often such services rely on patient or provider driven ad hoc phone calls and faxing rather than real-time digital, automated and scalable technologies to keep patients in the loop. Incomplete or siloed information must be brought together from disconnected sources. As a result, providers and patients may still experience frustrations in clearing hurdles to obtain their medications.

For patients, the digital experience includes mobile services that provide real-time updates, electronic enrollment and consent options, on-demand access for educational content, and chat access to clinical experts for treatment support. For providers, a digital platform provides access and affordability answers within the workflow of their electronic health records (EHR) system, real time at the point of prescribing, and makes it easy to connect patients with support programs.

To learn more about the transformative patient support experience described here and tips from experts on how to get started, please attend our webinar, Transforming the Patient Support Experience.

To understand what the digital patient support experience is and how it works, look at it through the eyes of a patient and her healthcare provider. After the patient has agreed on a course of therapy, her healthcare provider logs into the EHR and goes to the electronic prescribing module to prescribe the medication. Once the medication is selected from within the electronic prescription module of the EHR, ConnectiveRx displays the patient’s out-of-pocket cost details and information about available access and affordability programs. This is the most valuable time for the patient to hear this information because it may help eliminate potential cost barriers which would prevent the patient from acceptance of the new therapy.

The next steps in the healthcare provider’s workflow are simple. To enroll the patient in those programs and understand potential insurance hurdles and pharmacy options, the healthcare provider – from within the EHR – may select ConnectiveRx’s Non-Commercial Pharmacy (NCP) as the pharmacy to receive the electronic prescription for the drug, just as they would select any pharmacy at the point of prescribing.

As part of the electronic prescribing process, the patient’s phone number is included in the information sent to the NCP. ConnectiveRx updates the patient via text message that the NCP has received the prescription. Once the payer makes a prior authorization determination, the patient is alerted to this via text message. If the prior authorization is approved, ConnectiveRx sends the prescription to the right dispensing pharmacy and again texts the patient, this time with the pharmacy name and number. The patient is now educated about the cost to her for this drug, knows how she’ll get it, and is ready to connect with that pharmacy to schedule delivery.

Robust patient support means providing patients with access to a wide variety of resources they may want to leverage. Within each of the update texts there are opt-ins for patients to explore additional services and content via ConnectiveRx mobile solutions. For example, a patient could enroll in Patient Assistance Programs from her phone, view disease state and injection training videos from the manufacturer, or chat with a hub case manager or clinical educator. And to support patients with refills, dosing, or other reminders, our mobile solution identifies the best time to present that information, based on individual patient preferences.

This is why ConnectiveRx has expanded its digital patient support capabilities. Our services are designed to create faster and better experiences and outcomes for providers and patients by adding digital technology to our already robust customer care capabilities.

To learn more about ConnectiveRx’s digital patient support service practices, we invite you to attend our webinar on Transforming the Patient Support Experience, April 14th at 1 pm ET.

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