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Therigy’s Free Webinar: Systems Interoperability and Its Impact on Coordinated Specialty Therapy Management

Therigy’s Free Webinar: Systems Interoperability and Its Impact on Coordinated Specialty Therapy Management
Tuesday, October 16, 2018, 2:00 to 3:00 pm ET
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One of the nation’s leading specialty pharmacy technology companies, Therigy is hosting a free webinar on Tuesday, October 16, 2:00 to 3:00 pm ET.

This webinar will explore current trends of interoperability within the industry.  It will provide actionable insights to help pharmacy leaders exchange and share data between their pharmacy operation/care management systems and their EMR.

Speakers will dive into analytics and tools that tap every aspect of the clinical experience. They will explore how to deploy insightful, immediate diagnostic suggestions to physicians on robust, multi-function care delivery systems, creating an exceptional patient experience.

Featured team of expert speakers from Therigy include:
  • Russel Allinson, RPh, MS, Executive Chairman, Therigy
  • Jon Hamrick, MBA, President and Chief Operating Officer, Therigy
  • Kate Fontenau, Director, Product and Technology, Therigy
When it comes to the healthcare industry, interoperability has to do with the capability of disparate computer and software systems to exchange and share data from a range of vital sources, including laboratories, clinics, pharmacies, hospitals, and medical practices.

All attempts at interoperability must inherently begin by recognizing the starting point of what makes everything so tricky: EHRs consist of a series of disparate systems built in silos that are suddenly being asked to work together for the good of the patient. (Click here for background information.)

It’s only now, in an era of value-based care where every aspect of an organization is being scrutinized like never before, that administrators are starting to rethink whether the systems they have in place act as a hindrance to overall care.

Webinar topics to be discussed:
  • Why specialty patient outcomes can be enhanced through coordination and integration of care and therapy management activities
  • Current role and uses of various systems (dispensing systems, electronic medical records, electronic pharmacy records/care management systems), existing limitations, and the need for system interoperability
  • Dispensing system/care management system interoperability case study
  • Pathway to a meaningful pharmacy system integration with Health System EMRs and the benefits for specialty pharmacy management
Visit Therigy’s registration page for additional information and to register.

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