Friday, April 20, 2018

Improving Patient Prescription Access and Adherence Journeys

Today’s guest post comes from Bill Nolan, VP/GM of McKesson Specialty Health.

Bill discusses ExpressCoverage™, a solution from McKesson and CoverMyMeds®. It offers new ways for McKesson’s Patient Support Services to electronically access and efficiently communicate with a vast network of physicians, payers, and pharmacies. Bill highlights how this tool improves the specialty patient’s access and adherence to therapy.

To learn more, download the free document ExpressCoverage™: Revolutionizing Patient Drug Access For Pharmaceutical Companies.

Read on for Bill’s insights.
Improving Patient Prescription Access and Adherence Journeys
By Bill Nolan, VP/GM of McKesson Specialty Health

The specialty prescription market is a rapidly growing share of the drug market. According to IQVIA, it’s projected that specialty medications will represent 50 percent of the total US drug spend by 2019. Specialty patients, however, can’t be treated like other patients: their complex medical conditions require a specialized approach.

Overcoming Specialty Patient Challenges: The Value of Patient Support Services

McKesson Patient Support Services, a hub program, proactively navigates the complex healthcare system for specialty patients to help them overcome any barriers to getting on, and staying on, their treatment plans. We’re the ones on the phone with the health plans, doctors and pharmacies, powering through issues or barriers to specialty prescription access and adherence.

Knowing where each patient is at every step of their prescription journey is of great value to our customers, pharmaceutical and biotech companies, and their patients. Our biopharma customers want to be able to intervene at key points in the patient prescription journey – the pharmacy, provider’s office, or health plan – to truly help their patients gain access to the prescriptions their providers prescribe and stay adherent for optimal outcomes.

Obtaining prescription-journey information at the individual patient level requires integration with a broad variety of complex, networked healthcare systems. We have built such programs. We can and do help individual patients daily at key points in their prescription journeys, assisting them in gaining access and adherence to their medications. That said, we’re always looking for ways to improve.

One of the latest ways we’ve evolved our hub business to improve the patient prescription journey is a solution we’ve developed in partnership with CoverMyMeds®: ExpressCoverage™. ExpressCoverage leverages today’s most widely used electronic prior authorization (ePA) platform via CoverMyMeds and the expertise of the McKesson Patient Support Services team to overcome prescription issues and barriers, and speed access to therapy.

Cutting-Edge Technology to Further Improve the Specialty Patient Prescription Experience

The integration of the CoverMyMeds platform into our hub gives our hub team an additional way to electronically access and efficiently communicate with a vast network of physicians, payers and pharmacies to make us the fastest and most comprehensive patient-support solution available in the specialty health industry today.

Some of the benefits include:
  • Real-time insurance verifications, benefit investigations, and prior authorizations
  • Automatic identification of patients who may qualify for financial assistance programs
  • Increased speed to therapy and improved PA turnaround times
  • Reduced patient abandonment, fewer patient fallout points, and increased time on therapy
  • Increased copay adherence enabled by prior authorization assistance
  • Fewer administrative errors and administrative waste
  • Visibility across the entire patient journey through integrated reporting, and
  • Actionable data and insights to optimize the prescription workflow.
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