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eyeforpharma Oncology Market Access & Pricing 2017

eyeforpharma Oncology Market Access & Pricing 2017
June 15-16, 2017
Le Meridien | Philadelphia, PA

In an increasingly complex and fragmented healthcare space, isn’t it time for true innovators to take control?

Against the back drop of increased pricing pressure, the next few years in Oncology will be volatile. But with volatility comes great opportunity- especially for Pharmaceutical companies ready to step from the periphery to the centre of the healthcare stage. Pharma can- and should lead stakeholders towards mutually beneficial outcomes and drive the decision making processes that will both outline oncology’s future and redefine the healthcare system.

The shift from volume to value has brought the adoption of alternative payment models, increased payer involvement, increased spending on oncology therapeutics, a shift in drug distribution, integrated delivery systems… the list is endless. Meeting the needs of cancer patients is now down to successful navigation of a complex, fast-evolving market place.

The answer to this existential crisis is multi-stakeholder buy-in, but with pharma firmly at the helm. We need to embrace more collaboration, transparency and payer/patient engagement. eyeforpharma’s Oncology Market Access & Pricing Summit will show you how. Download the full agenda here.

In June, after the dust from ASCO has settled, with expert insights from Julie Locklear, VP, EMD Serono; Kevin Fitzpatrick, CEO, CancerLinQ; Bryon Wornson, VP, Pfizer; Ariella Evenzahav, Head, Takeda; Lou Sanquini, VP, Healthagen Aetna and many more…eyeforpharma will be addressing the key strategic points in more detail, including:
  • Expert insights on how to move value from theory to reality
  • Ways to change market place dynamics and develop stronger patient, payer and HCP partnerships
  • Guidance on how to connect reimbursement with value and win over your stakeholders
Join eyeforpharma at a provocative and complete gathering for commercialization, market access and pricing leaders in Oncology to find out how Pharma can deliver leadership-based value, satisfy payers and drive better outcomes across the board.

Access the full agenda here.

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