Monday, September 12, 2016

Pharmaceutical Strategies for Value-Based Contracting Summit

Pharmaceutical Strategies for Value-Based Contracting Summit
Managing Customer Expectations When Designing Outcome-Based Contracts
October 24 - 25, 2016 • Alexandria, VA • Westin Alexandria

Customers continue to evolve traditional contracting structures and strategies as the health care market dynamics shift towards value-based care. World Congress’s Pharmaceutical Strategies for Value-Based Contracting Summit convenes executives within pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies to discuss best practices and tactical solutions in contracting with customers in today’s value-based system. Executives will hear the “How” from their peers as well as customers including payers, PBMs, providers, and manufacturers on leveraging partnerships and technology to develop contracts based on transparency and accountability.

This year’s summit brings you an exclusive contracting workshop dedicated to giving you practical take-aways for establishing your value proposition and determining what measures and metrics should be monitored to ensure optimal contract performance. Learn innovative approaches and strategies that will allow you to meet customer expectations and minimize risk.

Please visit to register or for more information. Those who register will receive a $300 savings when they use promo code DC300.

2016 Topics Discussions Include:
  • Examine how new market dynamics, delivery systems, and customers have changed traditional contracting structures and strategies
  • Determine what measures and metrics should be monitored after executing a contract to ensure optimal contract performance from both parties
  • Hear about the implication of the new MACRA regulations for all health care stakeholders
  • Understand how new value-based payment models for payers and providers are impacting the way manufacturers need to approach pricing and contracting with their customers
  • Identify emerging data metrics payers are seeking when contracting with manufacturers
  • Analyze new business models manufacturers are implementing to get a seat at the table and successfully interact with a value-based health care delivery system
  • Discuss considerations taken into account when designing an outcome-based contract
  • Hear payers’ definitions of an “overpriced drug” and how that impacts contract negotiations
  • Explore what extent of risk partners are expecting manufacturers to take
  • Examine the implications of indication-based pricing models on the design of a value-based contract
  • Evaluate the nuances of contracting with a PBM vs. another type of payer
  • Learn how physicians’ and administrators’ influence on prescriptions impact formulary access across different patient care points within an IDN

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