Friday, December 06, 2013

We’re All A-Twitter!

Great news! You can now find more fresh information tidbits on the Drug Channels Twitter page.

At our page, @DrugChannels, you’ll find our carefully curated, hand-crafted selection of news and opinions about drug distribution, pharmaceutical economics, reimbursement, payers, current events, and more.

Follow us to learn about the events we attend, get up-to-the-minute news via live tweets, and view fun photos of us in action.

Sample tweets below. Enjoy!

Express Scripts reaches into MD offices with Raintree deal

Goodbye, California. Hello, DQSA! Dirk Rodgers’ @RxTrace classy farewell to the overreaching CA Board of Pharmacy

Drugs are not the only things with absurd hospital markups!

Express Scripts' latest spin on #formulary management. Exclusion is inevitable!

Good background article on specialty pharmaceuticals, via @Health_Affairs

Just think—expert insights condensed into 140 characters! It doesn’t get much better (or briefer) than that.


  1. Track and Trace Fails. Testimony before the Calif. Bd of Pharmacy clearly established that Track and Trace is easily circumvented and will not prevent the distribution of counterfeits. As a Californian I am glad that we are no longer bearing the burden of this exercise in futility. I hope the Feds figure it out soon and do not waste federal money on the same exercise.
    George Pennebaker (

  2. Sorry, George. Your comment is longer than 140 characters, therefore I can't respond. :)