Monday, September 09, 2013

Be Smarter with Drug Channels Institute

Since 2006, the Drug Channels blog has been helping thousands of people make sense of pharmaceutical economics and the drug distribution system.

Today, I’m delighted to tell you about Drug Channels Institute (DCI), a cool new service that my wife, Paula, and I created. Our mission is simple: to make you smarter. And we do it with invaluable industry content delivered via interactive, online learning.

Our e-learning modules are packed with information, yet easy to understand. They are an essential tool for building knowledge and results. Plus, you can get started quickly with our on-line hosted solution.

Read on for details. If you're curious, just click here to view two sample e-learning modules.


If you work in the pharmaceutical industry, you and your team need a comprehensive, up-to-the minute resource that explains the industry’s true economics. Drug Channels Institute (DCI) has the answer.

DCI’s e-learning modules offer a thorough grounding in crucial industry topics—in 45 minutes or less. These highly interactive online learning tools mix the latest industry data and cutting-edge analysis with animated graphics that engage and entertain. They will help:
  • Sales reps and field teams grasp important, easily-digestible industry concepts for their key accounts
  • Internal teams better understand their customers and channels
  • Anyone who wants to master the economics of the U.S. pharmaceutical industry
Consider The Economics of Provider-Administered Specialty Drugs. This vivid, highly-requested course will teach you how the entire buy-and-bill system works, from the perspective of every player: manufacturers, physicians, specialty distributors, payers, and patients. Click here to view a brief excerpt from The Economics of Provider-Administered Specialty Drugs.

Other modules cover:
We offer Corporate licenses (for over 50 users) and Group licenses (for 10-50 users). Sorry, we don’t offer individual licenses yet.

We can code and brand the module for your company’s internal Learning Management System, fully compliant with AICC or SCORM standards. Or, you can get started quickly by letting us host your team via our online e-learning portal. DCI’s hosted e-learning modules are instantly viewable on all computer platforms, including iPads.

View samples of our modules. Or, email Paula Fein (, VP of Business Development, to learn more. You can also connect with Paula via LinkedIn.

Keep calm and be smarter. What could be better?

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