Friday, January 13, 2012

An Update on Pharma Sales Reps: The Sitcom

Here at Drug Channels, we try to keep you informed about important industry news. That's why, in May, I told you about Pharma Sales Reps: The Sitcom, an ABC show called Work It. As far as I know, it's the very first TV comedy about two men who dress as women to land jobs as pharmaceutical sales reps. (Yes, really. That's the show's premise.)

Well, the first episode just aired. The good news? It won't last long based on the reviews:

The bad news? The show wasted no time in portraying an ignorant, outdated, and (worst of all) unfunny view of the pharma industry.

The video clip below shows a "sales call" by one of the main characters. Go ahead, waste 2 minutes of your life and see what Hollywood thinks about the pharma industry. Perhaps it will cure your paraskevidekatriaphobia.

Maybe I'm just a young(ish) fogey, but I found the clip to be offensive to women, men, doctors, nurses, sales reps, bloggers, and just about any sentient being. Please make sure children and small pets are not in the room before watching.


  1. PUTT-Dave MarleyJanuary 13, 2012

    Sales reps aren't what they used to be, because "new" drugs aren't what they used to be. If I can't make a "me too drug" drug rep leave in tears within 5 minutes I have failed. If they last that long, it is a sure bet they won't enter my store ever again. As for the copay cards they hand out, I take as many as I can, and throw them in the trash (take them out of circulation). Then I call then MD and get it switched to the generic it was derived from.

    Lilly used to have a soul and only used pharmacists, but they have sold out to the perky cheerleaders like everyone else.

  2. This is scary!

  3. Kelli D Littlejohn, PharmDJanuary 14, 2012

    I could not even finish the 2 minute clip.  This show is embarrasing not only for the pharmaceutical profession (all sides), but for the level of morality that the creators of this show has chosen to stoop.  I certainly hope that those actors, creators, and directors, are proud when they show their "work" to their children.   

  4. I agree, Kelli. The show is absolute garbage, with the added insult of being about the pharma industry. Just be thankful that there is not (yet) a sitcom about the wacky world of pharmacists!

  5. ABC just cancelled Work it. See ABC fires polarizing comedy 'Work It'. Winners: pharma industry, good taste.

  6. I think a sitcom based on a community pharmacist and his/ her myriad of patient-characters could be both tasteful & funny. Cross Cheers & Seinfeld in a pharmacy setting and have the re-occurring characters appear with their funny qwerks and situations. Maybe the "Angry Pharmacist" blogger could be one of the writers,....toned down of course.