Monday, June 13, 2011

Strategic Distribution Planning for Specialty Products (sponsor)

I am pleased to welcome back CBI as a Drug Channels sponsor for the 2nd Annual Forum on Strategic Distribution Planning for Specialty Products. The event will be held in Philadelphia on September 22-23, 2011.

CBI is offering a discount for Drug Channels readers of $400 off the registration fee. Just use promo code YXY984 when you sign up. Thanks, CBI!

This looks to be a worthwhile and timely event with appeal to many Drug Channels readers. The conference speakers include executives from manufacturers, specialty distributors, specialty pharmacies, and service providers. Topics include logistics, reimbursement hubs, REMS, contracting, and more. Click here to check out the agenda or see more details from CBI below.

My consulting clients know that commercial models for specialty products are near-and-dear to my heart. You can review publicly-available studies and information under the Specialty Drugs topic tag on Drug Channels.


2nd Annual Forum on Strategic Distribution Planning for Specialty Products
Optimize Your Distribution Network to Achieve Greater Commercial Success.
September 22–23, 2011 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Join us to network and establish business relationships that help ensure access, use and reimbursement of your specialty product.

One critical part of product uptake and success is developing and managing the best way to configure your distribution and dispensing channels. Specialty wholesale distributors, specialty pharmacies, group purchasing organizations and direct distribution plans all offer a variety of benefits. Distributors can serve as barriers or partners—depending upon your plan.

At CBI’s 2nd Annual Forum on Strategic Distribution Planning for Specialty Products, leverage the power of partnering as you network with peers at other bio/pharma specialty manufacturers and interact with key stakeholders in distribution planning. To ensure your product is in the hands of the most likely forces that will guarantee pull through and lock in sizable usage, learn key considerations impacting a strategic distribution plan.

Register today and join the conversation on:

  • Current growth areas in the specialty market
  • Underlying product reasons influencing specialty distribution strategies
  • Factors that drive distribution strategy — Open, limited or closed
  • Fair Market Value for data and other services when entering into distributor contracts
  • How distribution models impact the patient’s journey to access medication
  • Processes for hub determination and partner selection
  • Product distribution considerations for entering a niche, orphan market
  • Types of specialty data that are central to product teams
  • Participate in an In-Conference Workshop — Align Distribution with Reimbursement Criteria

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