Thursday, September 23, 2010

Specialty Pharma Commercial Excellence (sponsor)

I am pleased to welcome eyeforpharma’s Specialty Pharma Commercial Excellence conference as a Drug Channels sponsor. The conference will be held in Boston on November 15 and 16. Read more in the official description below or download the brochure. There is a discount if you register before October 1.

This event should be particularly interesting to Drug Channels readers. Specialty pharmaceuticals account for about 15% of total pharmacy industry revenues today but will be closer to 30% by 2015. Unlike traditional oral drugs, a specialty drug can be covered under a medical benefit, a pharmacy benefit, or both. (See Specialty Drugs: The Medical vs. Pharmacy Benefit Muddle for data on this marketplace confusion.) The diversity of payment and channel options increases the importance of a successful commercial strategy for manufacturers.

I will be attending (but not presenting) the conference, so perhaps I will see you there!


Beyond the Blockbuster: How to Ensure Specialty Drugs Re-Energize Your Pipeline
The world’s first Commercial Excellence conference for Specialty Pharma

This summit is a chance for both big and small pharma to learn from the more agile specialty companies.

With the end of the blockbuster era, all eyes are on the Specialty industry where the high margins and low market entry costs produce large profits in today’s competitive environment. There is much to learn from smaller, more creative specialty pharma companies who remain successful with a small, multidisciplinary workforce of sales reps.

After several months of research with senior level pharma and regulators, this first of its kind agenda has been produced and targeted towards both big pharma and smaller Specialty companies. Hear from the likes of Genzyme, Roche, Genentech, Cephalon, Vivus and Shire on how they have been successful and how this could work for you?

The agenda will focus on:

  • Commercial model - successful case studies from UCB, Actelion and Roche
  • Training and development techniques - tips on how to develop a different class of sales rep with new & innovative methods
  • Formulary approval - how can you ensure your products get approved and proven examples of working with the key stakeholders to make sure they get prescribed
  • Mock P&T committee - take part in a mock committee for both managed care and hospital formulary approval. Find out what maters to the people that matter
See the full speaker line up and agenda by downloading the brochure here.

Please contact Thushani Kumarasinghe (via email or at 800-814-3459 ext 7509) with any questions.

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