Monday, April 05, 2010

IntegriChain (sponsor)

I am pleased to welcome a new sponsor to Drug ChannelsIntegriChain, a pharmaceutical industry information services company.

This is a cool company. I’m a big fan of IntegriChain’s solutions. A number of my manufacturer clients use IntegriChain’s data and services to gain visibility into product demand from the factory to the pharmacy. I know first-hand that their approach provides unique insights into channel activity and can help to better target sales efforts.

In the spirit of full disclosure, I want to let you know that I participated on IntegriChain’s Advisory Board when the company was launched. However, I have no formal involvement with the company's management or operations right now.

Read more in the company's official description below.


IntegriChain is a next-generation commercial insight provider supporting the pharmaceutical industry. We deliver actionable intelligence at a low total cost by combining a customer’s own data with our domain expertise, metadata and a proprietary platform for rapid analytics deployment.

IntegriChain enables pharmaceutical manufacturers to improve sales performance and total pipeline measurement by maximizing visibility downstream. IntegriChain helps customers gain exceptional analytical accuracy from market demand data by unlocking the value of information they already own.


IntegriChain solutions serve both large and small pharmaceutical manufacturers by providing increased insight and greater value from their internal data sets.

  • Understand data gaps and volatility—Explain factory sales and demand trend disconnects in near real time.
  • Analyze downstream inventory—Gain visibility to demand at every point of care in the U.S. distribution chain.
  • Optimize promotional effectiveness—Target pre-launch stocking and monitor pharmacy promotions.
  • Support emerging regional programs—Perform regional (MSA, CSA, etc.) campaigns in advance of national rollouts to ensure the highest level of impact.
  • Tighten financial reserves—Quantify downstream inventory for improved transparency on returns accruals.

Now more than ever manufacturers are required to maximize their investments in information. Success requires a deep understanding of true demand and the impact of changes in the market.

Our new platform, DNA: Dynamic NextGen Analytics™, provides customers a greater degree of visibility into their own data, delivering increased transparency to all levels of the supply chain.

IntegriChain’s offering of advanced analytics, including DNA: Brand Insight™, DNA: Channel Insight™ and DNA: Measurement of Retail Inventory®, is transforming the role of channel data within key pharmaceutical application areas including product launch, sales reporting, sales forecasting and demand analysis.

To learn more about IntegriChain and our blueprint for the future of pharma, visit or email

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