Thursday, August 28, 2008

Welcome Back, Blogger

Hi there.

Miss me? Well, I missed you, especially because there’s been so much news within the Drug Channels universe during the past two months! I’ll catch up on some significant developments over the next few weeks.

BTW, I was only on a blog-cation not an actual vacation from work, contrary to the cool beach guy image on my summer reading post.

Although I have not posted in nearly two months, traffic to Drug Channels has been remarkably robust throughout the summer. To help the newbies and refresh the memories of the experienced readers, I wrote up some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) to summarize the main topics for the blog and explain my approach to blogging. I’ll update the list periodically, so email me any questions that you would like me to address.

Careful readers may notice that I have updated my photo in the right margin truth in advertising and all that. Alas, my hairline keeps receding – just like the deadline for California’s e-pedigree!

More about that topic – pedigree, not my hairline – on Tuesday morning…


  1. Good to have you back, Adam!!

  2. Finally! I know summer is over when Adam is back! Break's over and I am ready! Bring it on! Hope you did manage a little fun and a few small umbrellas over the summer.


  3. I was ":(" from your July 3rd blog. Now I'm :). Welcome back!

  4. Hey Adam - You may want to consider talking Turkey. Appears Europe has it's version of California with a 2009 start-up (is it Jan is it July?). Perhaps Spinal Tap can warm up the amps again!