Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Pharmacy Supply Chain: News Update

Whoa! There’s some very intriguing news out this morning on a few key Drug Channels topics.

Here’s a quick run-down:

Wholesalers Merge, Form Big One
The so-called “Big 3” wholesalers – AmerisourceBergen (ABC), Cardinal Health (CAH), and McKesson (MCK) – stunned Wall Street this morning by announcing a three-way merger that will create The Big One. While the transaction is still subject to regulatory approval, the new firm is scheduled to be called McKameriCardigen. Larry Marsh, Healthcare Distribution & Technology analyst at Lehman Brothers, praised the deal because “my workload just dropped by two-thirds.”

California’s e-pedigree date changed yet again!
The California Board of Pharmacy stunned the pharmaceutical industry again yesterday when they voted to shift the deadline for implementation of e-pedigree laws, this time to November 9, 2010. The Board noted that November 9 is also National Scrapple Day, which they claimed “was appropriate for the task confronting the industry.” When asked why the Board will not settle on a single date, Executive Officer of the Board Virgina Herold reportedly replied: “Where’s the sport in that?”

PCMA Makes New Commitment to Transparency
Responding to recent calls for greater transparency, the Pharmaceutical Care Management Association (PCMA) announced the design of its new corporate headquarters. According to PCMA spokesperson Derek Smalls, the new building will be modeled on Philip Johnson’s famed Glass House. “Every vertical and horizontal surface, from office door to bathroom stall, will be made of clear, pure, diaphanous glass.” Mr. Smalls also noted that the design will aid PCMA’s lobbying efforts in support of Pharmacy Benefit Managers because “we will now be able to throw the first stone.”


Oh, by the way… it’s April Fool’s Day.


  1. I admit to falling for the "Big One" story and then choking with laughter. Thanks for energizing my morning!

  2. You rock! Great way to start the day. Loved them all.

  3. Nice set of possible scenarios! Loved the way you found a way to include another spinal tap reference (and, of course, probably the oddest post ever for the Glass House - that really will confuse Google!)

    - Richard

  4. Dr. Fein, Let me add my thanks for today's posting and for your good work on this website.

  5. It's not worth it if you are not having fun! What you do is well worth it! And fun!

    Nishit Mehta, B.Pharm
    HyGen Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

  6. Terrific news Dr. Fein :)

  7. What's the stock symbol for the new company? MAC? We can call it the "big MAC"

  8. If I weren't a big enough fan before - love the post! Wouldn't that "three way" be nice?