Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Catching up on AMP and PDMA

Here are a few noteworthy news items on AMP and PDMA that I want to recommend:

1. Roundtable: Deficit Reduction Act (Pharmaceutical Executive, Nov. 2006)

I believe that 2007 could go down as the year of Average Manufacturer Price (AMP). I still believe that AMP will ultimately have a much bigger impact than many people expect. (See my June post McClellan and the magic AMP for background.) This roundtable article has some good insights about:

  • The class of trade issue
  • The use of AMP for rebates vs. reimbursement
  • Implications of a public release
I recently heard that CMS will be issuing guidance on AMP very soon. Keep an eye on this apparently obscure issue because it will change life for PBMs, wholesalers, retailers, and insurers.

2. Injunction May Slow Momentum for RFID E-Pedigrees (RFID Update, Dec. 12 2006)

Check out this interesting article on PDMA that quotes Jayne Juvan, my favorite (and the only?) healthcare law blogger, as saying: "Ultimately, the courts tend to favor the government in cases such as this that allege Equal Protection Clause and Due Process Clause violations when the rational basis test applies." She's referring to the RxUSA et al case against the FDA.

The article also calls Drug Channels a "pharmaceutical law blog," which almost offends me. Maybe I should sue?

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