Monday, August 21, 2006

Why so few posts?

I apologize for the unusually long delay between posts. I’ve found myself unexpectedly busy with client work this month. I am also finishing up the manuscript for the next edition of Facing the Forces of Change, a major supply chain trend report sponsored by the National Association of Wholesaler-Distributors. (Both HDMA and HIDA are part of NAW.) The report covers the entire US economy, not just health care. The last edition came out in 2004, so this will be a major update. I’ll include some links in future posts for readers interested in how other channels operate. Plus, I am trying to squeeze in a little R&R with my (very understanding) family!

That said, things have been pretty quiet on the drug channels front. Topics that I expect to be covering post-Labor Day include:

  • CMS’ retail class of trade guidelines
  • Competitive effects of the PDMA and pedigree
  • The (re)importation debate
  • The changing wholesaler profit model
  • Coming battles over how to best split up the financing pie among drug channel participants
  • The fate of independent pharmacies

As always, I welcome your suggestions and comments on blog topics. In the meantime, have a great August! I'll be back after Labor Day unless some major news breaks.

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