Monday, November 08, 2010

Specialty Pharmaceuticals: A Forum for Payers (sponsor)

I am pleased to welcome back CBI as a Drug Channels sponsor for its very interesting conference 8th Annual Specialty Pharmaceuticals, Biotech Therapies and Injectables - A Forum for Payers. The event will be held January 26-27, 2011, in Las Vegas. Register by Nov 19, 2010 and save $300.

This conference focuses on one of the most dynamic aspects of the Drug Channels universe. Just think about some of the big announcements in just the past two weeks: UnitedHealthcare's cost-plus model for physician-administered cancer drugs and McKesson acquisition of U.S. Oncology.

The agenda includes payers and specialty pharmacies, so I expect very lively conversations and lots of learning.


CBI’s 8th Annual Specialty Pharmaceuticals, Biotech Therapies and Injectables - A Forum for Payers

Quality Solutions for Cost-Control, Benefit Design and Reimbursement

January 26 - 27, 2011 in Las Vegas , NV

Specialty pharmaceutical programs are specifically designed for patients facing complex, chronic illnesses. Health insurance plans need to have benefit programs in place to provide affordable benefits for members with these conditions as well as cost effective design strategies to manage these high cost products. This conference brings together thought leaders from the healthcare and pharmaceutical industry to share best practices and learn how to provide quality care while also maintaining a sustainable bottom line.

Topics being researched include:
  • Healthcare Reform and the Impact on Specialty Drug Benefits
  • Pipeline Update for Specialty Pharmaceuticals
  • Impact of the REMS Programs on Specialty Pharmaceuticals
  • Specialty Pharmaceuticals from an Employer Perspective
  • Improving Collaboration Among Payers and Manufacturers of Specialty Drugs
  • Bridging the Gap Between Pharmacy and Medical Benefits Using Value Based Formulary
  • Weighing the Pros and Cons of an In House PBM
View the Agenda to learn more about the conference.

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