Monday, February 22, 2010

Modern Distribution Management (sponsor)

I am pleased to welcome a new sponsor to Drug Channels—Gale Media's Modern Distribution Management newsletter and web site.

I've known Tom Gale, MDM's publisher and executive editor, for many years. He's one of the most committed, thoughtful guys out there. He has assembled a top-notch staff and built a valuable resource for people running distribution companies.

Fair warning: This publication does *not* focus specifically on health care and will only appeal to a segment of the Drug Channels readership. While I don't personally consult with wholesalers, I believe strongly that everyone in the supply chain benefits from well-managed companies in the channel. That's why
you'll see an endorsement from yours truly when you click on the MDM Premium banner.

More details below. Check it out!

Modern Distribution Management is the only subscription newsletter and specialized information Web site that covers the critical management issues facing wholesale distribution executives.

MDM provides fresh analysis, accurate reporting, and good ideas in practice across many lines of trade, and in-depth and original thinking about strategic and operational issues facing distribution executives every day. Since 1967, MDM has delivered timely and insightful news coverage of the people, companies and trends that shape this industry.

  • MDM Premium - a twice-monthly premium newsletter - available online and in print.
  • MDM Update - a free weekly e-newsletter.
  • Educational, in-depth Webcasts
  • Databank - economic and market data.
  • Real-time breaking news and commentary at
The company was founded in 1967 by J. Van Ness Philip, who edited the newsletter until 1992. Thomas P. Gale became the editor in 1992, and is currently the publisher and executive editor.


  1. Adam,
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  2. You will not have this problem if you use the "Print This Post" button appearing at the bottom of every post.