Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Drug Benefit News & Me

I am pleased to announce that I have joined the Editorial Board of Drug Benefit News (DBN), one of my must-read publications about the pharmacy, managed care, and pharmacy benefit industries.

If you enjoy Drug Channels, then you should subscribe to DBN. Just so you know, there's nothing in it for me in making this suggestion.

BTW, you will understand a lot more about me and the Drug Channels blog when I tell you that three of my favorite publications are:
Yes, really.


Drug Benefit News is a biweekly newsletter with:
  • Insight into events that have a big impact on pharmacy benefit costs, such as drug purchasing arrangements, lawsuits, Medicare Part D and more.
  • Strategic guidance from industry experts.
  • Exclusive data on high-cost drug categories.
Drug Benefit News focuses on issues and events that have a big impact on the pharmacy benefit and drug costs, including:
  • Ways that health reform will change the rules that health plans, PBMs and pharma companies must play by,
  • New plan designs to promote formulary compliance and the use of lower-cost therapeutic alternatives, including OTC products,
  • New strategies to manage biosimilars that will soon hit the U.S. market
  • Expected changes to the AWP pharmacy,
  • The move to reduce or eliminate copays on “high value” drugs,
  • Details of transparent PBM arrangements,
  • Use of evidence-based medicine to control drug costs.
Rely on Drug Benefit News for timely news and data on the business of pharmaceuticals ... and get practical cost management strategies from experts throughout the industry.

Subscribe today!


  1. Congrats. Definitely one of my favorite publications.

  2. Read for years, should be a good fit for you.
    Jim Fields

  3. Good news for both DBN and you!