Friday, December 14, 2007

And Swedesboro makes three...

Sometimes I don't like making accurate predictions.

In More Monkey Business From Cardinal, I joked about Cardinal Health's (CAH) DEA suspensions by saying "Two down; 26 warehouses to go."

Unfortunately, Swedesboro, NJ, now makes three down. You can read Cardinal's letter to its customers for yourself.

According to a story in the Columbus Dispatch, Cardinal did not make a formal announcement about the latest license suspension because it is part of the same investigation as the other two centers. I suppose that makes sense, especially if there are more to come.

An anonymous Dec. 12 Drug Channels blog comment from someone claiming to be "from one of the big three" wholesalers purports to provide an insider's perspective on this situation. (Page down to see the comment.) It's anonymous, so you'll have to evaluate the comment for yourself.

Stay tuned next week for my 2007 Year in Review post, which will wrap up the year.

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  1. Adam,
    Perhaps the strategy is to prove that there is a diversion problem in the conventional supply chain warranting track & trace.

    Bring on the chips!