Thursday, November 29, 2007

Current AMP Timeline

I've had a few emails recently regarding the release of the new Medicaid Federal Upper Limit data based on Average Manufacturer Price (AMP).

The most recent official timeline from CMS was issued on October 21 and states the following:

  • October 1-31, 2007: First monthly AMP reporting period

  • November 30, 2007: Manufacturers report October 2007 AMPs

  • December 30, 2007: FULs issued based on new October 2007 AMPs
So unless the NACDS/NCPA lawsuit leads to an injunction and/or S.1951 passes, you'll be watching the new LED Crystal Times Square New Year’s Eve Ball with champagne and AMPs.


BONUS FUN FACT: You are smarter than a 16th grader!

The Prescription Access Litigation blog recently rated some pharma blogs for readability in Do you have to be a Genius to read this blog? Or an 8th grader? Drug Channels was rated at the "College (post grad)" level. (I have no affiliation with PAL.)

Gee, I try to only use words with clear and unambiguous definitions . . . like Average Wholesale Price. However, I now know why my blog keeps getting beaten up for its lunch money.


  1. Please do nothing to lower your readability level. While I may not always agree with your comments, I do appreciate having to think when reading your blog.

  2. Never fear. I’ll perdure to scribe abstruse articles that edify and elucidate!

  3. It must be nice to be on the outside looking in. Every thing about retail pharmacy is like living inside of a washing machine.

    Plus, someone has painted a big red circle on the outside as a target for the politicos and the consumer groups