Monday, May 17, 2021

LexisNexis Webinar: Using SDoH Data to Supercharge Outreach and Engagement

Lexis Nexis Webinar: Using SDoH Data to Supercharge Outreach and Engagement
June 24, 2021 | 1:00 pm ET | Virtual Event

The shift to real-world evidence and real-world data has driven a significant transformation in healthcare. While EMR, medical, and pharmacy claims data is important and has traditionally been the main source of information for life science companies, that data doesn’t give a complete picture of the patient. Studies show that medical determinants are only accountable for 20% of healthcare outcomes, whereas social determinants of health account for as much as 50%.

Join experts from LexisNexis® Risk Solutions to:
  • Learn how your organization can accelerate its growth by applying data and analytics
  • Gain new insight into additional opportunities for R&D
  • Support outreach efforts to targeted patient populations
A wealth of data can be extracted from vast sources of public records and proprietary data sources, but more data isn’t always better. Combining the right, clinically validated data points can transform your business and the outcomes you are working to improve.

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