Tuesday, September 05, 2006 = An Uphill Battle

I received an email today in response to my last post reminding me that the pharma industry is trying to solve Problem One by educating consumers about the dangers via a counterfeit drug education website.

PhRMA operates provide information on safe, legal ways patients can save on prescription drugs, to educate patients on the risks of importing medicines, and to explain why legalizing importation is bad public policy. The site was designed to be a clearinghouse for the latest news, policies, opinion and research on prescription drug importation and provides news alerts and information about alternatives to importation.

I have this site bookmarked as a good reference for breaking news on counterfeit drugs. The site doesn’t hide its partisan viewpoint, as evidenced by the multiple links trumpeting last week’s FDA release. Nevertheless, the Harris/WSJ poll implies that PhRMA faces an uphill battle to convince consumers about the dangers of cross-country importation.

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